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It is the dream of every diver. It is one of the most spectacular diving spots in the world.

Have you ever thought you could literally immerse and touch 2 continents with your hands? This is what happens in the Silfra Slit, in Iceland, in the mid-Atlantic ridge: here is the most incredible dive in the world!

It is a unique and magical place, hidden under the icy and crystalline waters of Iceland. A submerged point of particular charm in the cold heart of the Earth. Visiting it means seeing something truly spectacular, but also taking a trip through two continents.

Swim between two continents: the immersion of life

It seems an unreal and dreamlike paradise but it really exists. The Silfra Fissure, in the heart of the Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir National Park) in Iceland, is the crack that divides the North American plate from the Eurasian plate.

Diving in its transparent waters means taking a trip through two continents. We have to make one thing absolutely clear: the water is cold but so crystalline that it allows visibility over 100 meters! The underwater landscape really goes beyond imagination. A unique spectacle, precisely in that part of Iceland where the tectonic plates meet and every year is distanced by about 2 centimeters, causing earthquakes with a ten-year frequency. Silfra is considered both a place of very high archaeological interest and a paradise for diving enthusiasts. A truly spectacular place!

Öxarárfoss - Þingvellir National Park - Iceland

Inside the park, you can immerse in the Silfra Fissure only with guided groups.

The daredevils can visit all parts of the fault: the Hall, the Cathedral, the Great Gorge, and the Lagoon. The dive lasts a total of 6/8 hours (depending on the weather and the season). PADI certification (Open Water Diving Certification) or an equivalent and recognized certification is absolutely necessary. The cost of the dives is around 39.900 ISK (more or less 320 Euros). And, for those unfamiliar with scuba tanks and diving, the park guides also organize snorkeling tours.

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