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8 destinations perfect for the fall

Summer is coming to an end, we go home, but don’t despair, there is always time for an escape in early autumn, in the middle of September, the perfect month for romantics and adventurers…

Taste of Russia: typical Russian food you should try

Russian cuisine is the traditional cuisine of Russia, linked to the ways of life and the history of the Russian people. It has undergone the influences of the various cultures, ethnic groups, and religions present in the vast territory of the country, and has incorporated itself many dishes belonging to various nationalities taking part before […]

Shopping in Russia: the Matryoshka dolls

When you think about Russia, apart from snow, the first typical things that come to mind are caviar and Matryoshka dolls. What better souvenir of your trip to Russia than an original Matryoshka! Let’s find out a little more about this fascinating toy.