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Packing perfect luggage: the golden rule!

Packing perfect luggage basically means three things: to have everything needed for any opportunity that may arise, be always elegant/tidy with a few clothes, and avoid the unnecessary weight.

10 things you absolutely must know if you fear of flying

The fear of flying is a very common phobia in the world and many, on the eve of the holidays or during a business trip, live difficult moments until the flight has landed and you can then get off and touch the ground with your feet.

12 tips for traveling by train in the USA

The American national company Amtrak, an excellent way to visit the United States while maintaining a good budget, has recently published a list of tips to better enjoy the journey by train (especially if long-haul).

The perfect hand-bag

Thanks to the excellent rates of low-cost airlines, it is easy to travel and visit new cities, spend a weekend in a capital city or take a short getaway for a few days.

Travel by foot: some tips

Walking trips are good for the mind and body, but you have to be well prepared. Here are some useful tips for those planning to undertake one.

Camino de Santiago: useful tips

What to put in the pilgrim’s backpack? How to follow the directions, where to stop in the hostels? These are only a few things that many would like to know about Camino de Santiago.