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Returning home from a long trip, we all like to look at the most beautiful pictures of our adventures, or even show them to our friends.

Unfortunately, simply using a smartphone or the most complex of photographic equipment, not always we are experienced photographers and mistakes are frequent. Relax, to everything there is a solution!

Here are the most common mistakes made taking pictures (and how to avoid them!):

Not have a point of interest

Who or what we are photographing? What is our subject? All photography should strive towards a single element, which is what initially caught our attention and which should be exploited to the maximum;

Not get close enough to the subject, which must first be focalized

To ensure that the frame is optimal, fill it with the subject avoiding including insignificant elements. Just take a few steps forward or zoom in to fill the gap between you and the subject of your picture;

To focus on the wrong part of the composition

The eye of who is looking at a picture, naturally focuses on what is in focus, that should correspond to our point of interest or the subject. Therefore to obtain a technically better result is good to vary the autofocus point on our compact camera or SLR, or tap on the touch screen of our smartphone the desired focus point of our composition;

Put the subject in the center of the picture

It is good to give importance to the subject, but not place it in the center in the picture. The central frame makes the set a bit static, so here it comes to our aid the famous “rule of thirds”: imagine that within our frame there are two vertical lines and two horizontal, at equal distances, which divides the frame into a grid of nine rectangles. Here, the focal points of our photographs shall be located at intersections between lines;

Include objects conflicting with the subject

Items, people, or things that for shape, color, and size divert attention from our photographic subject. To work around this problem it is needed is just a little forethought, at the time of the shooting, considering any distractions in the frame;

Do not take into account the direction of light

Essential for the success of a shot in the direction from which the main light beam, natural or a light bulb, comes from. If we notice shadows that darken our subject, we have several options: move it, change the shooting angle, remove the object that creates the shadow, or choose another time of day to photograph.

So in the end, what you need is a good eye and practice to learn the basics of photography and take home some beautiful shots souvenir of your holidays!

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