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The Condé Nast Traveler magazine, through a survey proposed to the readers, has compiled a ranking of the cities from which we should stay away, evaluated according to parameters ranging from crime to the bad transport network, from the location to the political situation.

The top ten could surprise you!

Nassau, Bahamas

The 10 most hostile cities in the world

If the beauty of the beaches is undeniable, what is perceived by every tourist just outside the tourist area is the discomfort that one feels walking through the streets.

Nassau is an unsafe place, and this is compounded by the lack of infrastructure.

Monte Carlo, Monaco


How is it possible that so many tourists have found Monte Carlo, the city of luxury and glamour, unattractive?

Simple, because it is too much! It is a city too expensive, too opulent and for this reason, impersonal. In short, a consumerism fair at its worst, which empties the wallet and leaves you unsatisfied.

Milan, Italy


For fashion lovers Milan is paradise, for those who want to take a vacation immersed in the Italian spirit, it’s bad.

People are cold and inhospitable, to be avoided.

Frankfurt, Germany


The problem with this city is the people: definitely too rude.

Beijing, China


Although the city is fascinating and full of history, it suffers from problems that make it unbearable, traffic in the first place, suffocating smog and dirt.

Marseille, France


The city of Marseille is by all accounts adorable, were it not for a small big problem: the pickpockets! In addition, some tourists report the presence of unpleasant areas.

Paris, France


How is it possible that the wonderful city of lovers occupies such a high place in the rankings?

The answer is the same for everyone: Parisians are very big rude people.

If you get lost, good wishes. No one will ever help you.

Moscow, Russia


The reason is always the same: people are rude and cold, with the aggravating circumstance that almost nobody speaks English.

Cannes, France


Tourists have called it terribly anonymous, the European Las Vegas. And even here the inhabitants are rough and inhospitable.

(Although this now seems to be a problem of the French people in general…)

Johannesburg, South Africa


Gold goes to the capital of South Africa, whose crime rate overshadows the beauty of what is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In Johannesburg, no tourist is safe from robbery, and at night it is better not to go out. It is a pity, considering that neighboring Cape Town has instead won the top ten of the most hospitable cities.

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