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TripAdvisor, considering users’ comments, has compiled a list of the 10 worst tourist destinations, mostly cities, which you could avoid visiting or which you could carefully consider if you are undecided between one or more cities to visit this summer or next autumn.

For different reasons, impolite taxi drivers, bad transport prices, high prices, dirt, or inadequate facilities, here are the 10 worst tourist destinations according to TripAdvisor.


The 10 worst tourist destinations

The beautiful capital of Denmark has ended up on the list of the worst tourist cities in the world because of its bad value for money.

In short, high costs and mediocre services but still a beautiful city to explore.



Another city in Europe and this time the famous venue for the European Parliament.

What is negative about the city? Extremely rude taxi drivers, despite the many beauties and avant-garde hotels.

Rio de Janeiro


Close to the world championships, this list also includes the wonderful and sparkling capital of the Brazilian Carnival. Here too, a bad quality-price ratio penalizes Rio.



Despite being one of the cheapest cities in the world, Hanoi is not known for its transportation and chaotic traffic, to say the least. But take a taxi or a motorcycle taxi and it will be a unique experience.



Another Asian city and this time the capital of great China.

Even here, taxi drivers in a bad mood and unfriendly environments put Beijing on the list of the worst tourist destinations in the world.



How is it possible that this paradise is in the ranking of the worst tourist destinations?

Apparently the coral reef is not enough and what penalizes the city of Sharm is the lack of culture.



Who wouldn’t want to get lost at least once in the colors and smells of the markets of Marrakech?

Very many, but be careful because it seems to be a destination not for families and unsatisfying nightlife.

Punta Cana


However, this place in the Dominican Republic, a paradise of unparalleled beauty, seems to be highly unsatisfactory due to the overall experience it gives.

Evidently blue sea and white sands are not enough.



Known for being one of the most populated and chaotic cities in India, Mumbai loses points as a tourist resort due to the dirtiness of the streets and the unsatisfactory overall experience it offers.



The Russian capital really wins the worst experience for tourists, why?

Unfriendly inhabitants, grumpy taxi drivers, hotels of poor quality, and very low value for money, in short, a city to avoid.

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