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In New Zealand, there is a solitary tree that attracts crowds of tourists looking for the perfect shot.

It is known as “the lonely tree of Lake Wanaka” one of the main attractions of New Zealand, a pilgrimage destination for most tourists who visit the island, looking for the perfect shot.

The scenery is a fairytale: Lake Wanaka, on the South Island, is framed by a colorful flora and the beautiful mountains of the National Park of Mount Aspiring, a World Heritage Site, which is reflected in its waters. Nature is pristine and the light takes on spectacular colors at any time of the day, while ducks and birds drink in the waters of the lake.

The tree of Lake Wanaka is one of the most photographed ever
source: flickr.com

Here, 30 meters from the shore, stands the solitary tree, which is said to be one of the most photographed trees in all of New Zealand and perhaps the world over. The tree stands at the south end of the lake and to get there you need to inquire beforehand about its location, as it is located off the beaten track.

Even the only path to reach it is breathtaking: once you find the tree, by the beach, it is a must wait for the sunset light while cooling off in the icy waters of the lake, in a paradisiacal setting.

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Evening at "The Wanaka Willow"
source: flickr.com

When the sun is low on the horizon and the brightness fades into the amber colors of the sunset, the lonely tree of Lake Wanaka will give the best of itself in front of the lens and will give the perfect shot.

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