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Let’s discover what you should buy when you visit the capital of Campania, a city so beautiful and special that was created the saying “see Naples and then die“.

What should you buy in one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the world, where tourists have so much choice that they do not know how to navigate?

See Naples and then die is a saying that was not born by chance because the capital of Campania is a world in its own right, which has been documented in many famous films that have become cult.

When you visit Naples you must take home a souvenir of one of its symbols, that is the Vesuvius. At the end of the road where the climb begins on the volcano, there are many souvenir shops and typical Neapolitan gadgets.


The dominant theme is the volcano, but on banquets, you can find everything from religious objects to printed T-shirts I love Naples. There are also many typical Neapolitan shops, with Limoncello or Pastiera.

In the area around Vesuvius what should be bought is certainly the classic volcano in miniature but, for the finest, are sold precious jewels created with the stones found on the mountain.

Volcano stone

In Naples, the characteristic shops are located everywhere and a walk in the center can not ignore the characteristic Spaccanapoli, where there is a continuous flow of tourists intrigued by the folklore of the area and shops.

Even in the center of Naples, there are plenty of souvenirs, tailor-made for tourists who want a souvenir to give to their friends or to put in a beautiful view on a shelf. You should not miss the opportunity to find luck with a typical red horn-shaped pendant. Why not buy a Pulcinella mask or statue? Pulcinella is the most popular Neapolitan mask. It celebrates the fun side of life and all the positive feelings that belong to the Neapolitan culture. Along with pizza, Pulcinella is the soul and history of Naples.

Another obligatory stop to find typical Neapolitan objects and choose what should be bought in order to remember forever this magical city is via San Gregorio Armeno, one of the most picturesque streets of Naples, famous for the workshops of the artisans of nativity scene’s figurines. The Neapolitan nativity scene is another symbol of Naples and in this street, the workshops of artisans can be visited freely, rich in objects to buy. The best time is Christmas when the street is crowded with stalls.

naples, marché des bergers de la crèche à san gregorio armeno

What should be bought in via San Gregorio Armeno is some handmade piece for the nativity scene and, while we are, in that area there is the Duomo with the famous relic of the blood of San Gennaro.

Here the objects to be bought are displayed on the street stalls and have as their theme the patron of Naples and the mysterious miracle of the dissolution of blood. In the surrounding area, you can buy religious objects and typical memories of Naples.

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