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A few days ago shooting on Facebook I found a video that intrigued me, and even before it loaded in full, I started to read the comments… all bad, they were all there ready to criticize.

But you need to be able also to go beyond the appearance, I started looking for news about that place.

As you can see there are some guys who dive at the edge of a waterfall, the scene seems almost terrifying, but reflecting, as people are used to doing risky things, it seems impossible that the boys are not pushed down by the current of the waterfall, and then I started to browse around and see what place was being talked about.

As stated in the video title, the place in question is the Devil’s Pool of Victoria Falls.

The Victoria Falls came to be created along the Zambezi River, half of them in Zambia and half in Zimbabwe, an enchanted place (so much so as to be UNESCO heritage) that each year attracts countless tourists.

The name Victoria Falls was attributed by the Scots Explorer David Livingstone, who is 1855, in his exploration along the Zambezi River, found precisely the Falls, which he named after the then Queen of England, Queen Victoria.

At the time, however, the Victoria Falls were unknown to Westerners, but already known to the locals, with the name of Mosi-oa-Tunya, ie “The Smoke Which Thunders”.

The best time to take a dip in Devil’s Pool is certainly that of the low tide because only at this juncture the devil’s pool is open. Let’s say that everything depends also on the rains, but generally, the period of opening goes from the end of August, beginning of September, to maximum the first of January.

The whole route is guided by expert local guides, and 5 tours of up to 16 people are organized every day. The tour starts at the Royal Livingstone Hotel, from here the boat that will lead guests to Livingstone Island.

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