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Also this year the specialized site SleepinginAirport has ranked the best and worst airports to spend the night. Among surprises and confirmations, let’s discover together which are they.

The annual rankings of Sleeping in Airports are based on the votes of its users/travelers, who are asked to judge their travel experience in the major airports of the world during the year.

Most of the parameters used are common to those of many other rankings on the quality of services and airport facilities (comfort, customer service, cleanliness, Wi-Fi, the presence of shops and showers, etc.), But the investigation of Sleeping in airports distinguishes for a special category, the so-called “sleep-ability”, ie the degree of hospitality and comfort that the airports offer to those who find themselves spending the night at the airport, because of lengthy technical stopovers and uncomfortable departure times.

The best airports to sleep

The airports of Singapore, Seoul, and Helsinki are considered the best airports where users of Sleeping in Airports slept in 2015. In general, the ranking is dominated in the first ten positions by Asia and Europe, respectively, with four and six representative airports. Here are the details of the top ten airports in the world where to sleep:

1. Singapore Changi International Airport (Singapore)

Spacious seats, comfortable and without armrests, comfortable lounge areas, couches for massage: the port of Singapore is confirmed for the third consecutive year the best in the world to spend a night at the airport.

2. Seoul Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

3. International Airport Helsinki (Finland)

4. Munich International Airport (Germany)

5. Vienna International Airport (Austria)

6. Porto Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Portugal)

7. Tokyo Haneda International Airport (Japan)

8. International Airport Tallinn (Estonia)

9. Stockholm Arlanda International Airport (Sweden)

10. Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (Taiwan)

The worst airports to sleep

If you have booked a cheap flight to Reykjavik it is better to avoid sleeping in the airport of the Icelandic capital: not without some surprise, the Reykyavik – Keflavik airport appears to be the worst of 2015, due to airport staff particularly rude. In the top ten are two US airports, two in Oceania, and six European airports.

1. Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport (Iceland)

The travelers who had a nap in the Icelandic airport say they were rudely awakened by the airport staff, being told “this is not a hotel!”: Reason enough to win this special podium!

2. Paris – Beauvais (France)

3. Bergamo – Orio al Serio (Italy)

4. London Luton International Airport (UK)

5. Christchurch International Airport (New Zealand)

6. New York City LaGuardia Airport (USA)

7. Brussels Charleroi Airport (Belgium)

8. Leonardo da Vinci airport of Rome – Fiumicino (Italy)

9. Sydney International Airport (Australia)

10. Los Angeles International Airport (USA)

Did you happen to sleep in the airport? Tell us about your experience!

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