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When winter arrives, Lake Abraham, already a favorite destination for mountain hikers, puts on its most beautiful show. That of the ice bubbles.

When winter arrives we already know that the season will give us the vision of great shows, some of which have always left us breathless. The threads of all this are moved by Mother Nature who, like a silent artist devoted to the purest and most authentic beauty, shows us all of her unusual and extraordinary faces. And these always enchant us.

The artificial lake with a thousand blue bubbles

Thus it happens that winter, despite the harsh temperatures and not too favorable weather conditions, transforms some of the places we love most, which we have already visited or which are on our personal travel wish list, into magical and enchanted postcards that we cannot than to frame in the heart and in the mind.

And it is not just about the snow that flakes, and candidly envelops the cities, transforming them into winter fairy tales, but there are also those amazing phenomena of nature that occur precisely in this period, such as snow rollers, snow sculptures, and frozen lakes and their bubbles.


The frozen lakes of the world: wonders of nature

Probably everyone, at least once in our life, has found ourselves contemplating the spectacle of a frozen lake during the harsh winters. It happens that that reservoir is transformed into a mirror that shines under the rays of the sun. And it leaves you breathless.

Yet that beauty that we have already contemplated on our winter travels is nothing compared to what happens in Canada. In fact, in the province of Alberta, there is a frozen lake that, however, hides a surprise under its surface: a thousand blue bubbles.

Looking at it from the photographs it may seem like an extravagant installation designed by a visionary artist. Instead, it is still nature to stage a sublime show through one of the most fascinating phenomena in the whole world.


The blue bubbles of Lake Abraham

Lake Abraham is particularly dear to mountain lovers, as it is a must, especially when hiking in the summer. Yet it is winter that it is possible to admire those curious and bizarre ice bubbles trapped in the water.

In this reservoir, located on the North Saskatchewan River in Canada’s western Alberta region, something magical happens during the cold season. When the lake freezes, in fact, it is possible to admire many bubbles that form just below the surface.


The shapes and sizes are so diverse that they create numerous suggestions for the mind and heart. But as we said, although surreal, the phenomenon is explained by science.

On the bottom of the lake, in fact, there is an important amount of organisms that release methane. When the gas naturally rises to the surface and comes into contact with colder water, it freezes, creating the incredible bubbles that attract thousands of curious glances to the shores of the lake every year, ready to immortalize and share this spectacle through photographs.

What the eyes can admire is a fascinating and surreal landscape made up of a thousand sinuous bubbles which, however, can burst at any moment. On the banks, in fact, it is also possible to hear the rumble of the sounds coming from the lake.

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