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When sleeping is no longer just a banal physiological need, but must even turn into an adventure of the spirit; when the search for a hotel no longer responds to the elementary impulses that arise at the end of a busy day but must become the concretization of one’s ambitions and vanity; when the room with a bed, wardrobe, and bathroom is not the most immediate answer to one’s search for a landing point in an unknown reality but must aim for a transcendence capable of transforming every shift into an odyssey.

In all these circumstances, booking a room at the Sala Silvermine Hotel can be the right move.

It is enough to go to the extreme north of the continent, find destinations that can arouse curiosity in the county of Vastmanland, in Sweden, and that’s it.

Sleeping in the Sala Silvermine Hotel is more than resting your tired limbs after a day of visits; instead, it is the continuation of those visits, the expansion of that atmosphere, the right completion of a journey that neither wants nor can stop, not even at night.

Because sleeping in rooms built inside an old silver mine cannot be considered just an adequate response to the legitimate needs for rest. It is wanting to try new, distinct sensations even at the moment when those impulses should be tried to put a brake.

Sleeping underground: electrifying experience

Instead, customers follow each other at a good pace in what can rightly be considered the most original hotel on the planet. Although, in reality, its appearance is outside that of a traditional luxury hotel, suitable for a clientele able to spend something more to receive something more in return, as normally happens in structures of this type.

To make the Sala Silvermine Hotel special is its suite: to access it, after regular booking and punctual payment of the equivalent of 500 euros in a local currency, one enters the elevator and presses the button on which it is written -155m. In short, one is transported to the depths of the earth to that depth, where, when the doors are opened, one can admire the scenery that is as unusual as it is fascinating.

Sleeping at those depths is a unique experience, as are the furnishing elements of the room, whose boundaries are obviously constituted by the rocky walls that for centuries bold miners had dug in search of the precious metal.


Appropriately adapted to the new use, they have themselves become luxury adornments, especially in the niche that houses a sumptuous double bed. Needless to say that at those depths the temperatures are rather low, but not impossible, given that the climate remains almost unchanged at all times of the year around 18 degrees centigrade.

The lighting is obviously dim, in order to recreate the original atmospheres of the time in which the shovel and pickaxe were worked in those parts and did not flinch in a bathrobe between the hot tub and the bar cabinet, and the furniture gives that 19th-century flavor which manages to add a necessary touch of realism.

Obviously claustrophobia is banned here: sleeping trapped in a hole under the ground is an experience suitable for a few.

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