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TalkTalkBnb is a new social network that connects people who want to learn languages, in exchange for free room and board, with native speakers travelers.

In an increasingly globalized world the knowledge of languages has become crucial, but often are not enough books and courses at a certain level that have prohibitive costs, not to talk of a study-holiday abroad: how to practice then the foreign language you want to learn?

To this need, answers TalkTalkBnb, the new free platform created by the French company Lexica, which combines language learning with collaborative idea of sharing the travel.

The new social network connects people who want to improve the knowledge of a foreign language and are willing to offer free room and board, with travelers available to speak in their mother tongue during their stay.

How do TalkTalkBnb works?

In order to use the social you, first of all, have to register in host or traveler categories. It is currently available in English, French, and Spanish.

If you register as a host, you will be asked to indicate the language you want to practice with your host and a property description that you put at the disposal for the exchange.

If you intend to register as a traveler, you should indicate your native language and the city (or cities) you wish to visit.

Simple, friendly, free, TalkTalkBnb, is presented as a sort AirBnb in language version, tying together the world of language study with that of the community of travelers.

Host: Why host with TalkTalkBnb

Learn languages effectively and totally free: no doubt, to learn a foreign language, nothing is more profitable than to practice with a native speaker and TalkTalkBnb allows you to do it for free through an equal exchange with the host, who offered in exchange of room and board, thus avoiding the costs of books and language courses.

Discover new cultures: in addition to the strictly linguistic aspects, meet and accommodate a native foreign language speaker is an experience that will enrich you and make you better know its culture entering in direct contact in its most practical and interesting aspects: ask your guest to cook a dish of their own food or let us teach expressions and idioms of his language you will not find on the books and that you will hardly gain in a traditional language course.

Suitable for the whole family: the system put available by TalkTalkBnb, is designed not only for adults but also for children: if you have a family, your children can practice the foreign language as well as possible.

Traveler: why seek accommodation with TalkTalkBnb

Free accommodation: get free accommodation in the places you visit is the best gift you could wish for a traveler.

Equal exchange: sometimes travelers using the more traditional platforms that offer free accommodation, such as Couchsurfing, run the risk of feeling uncomfortable in the housing benefit offered by a local without being able to repay and this can create an uncomfortable feeling of taking advantage of the hospitality received. With TalkTalkBnb this risk is excluded because the system is based on an equal exchange: consider the costs of a language course, the language offering of the foreign guest amply repays the hospitality received.

Travel in a different way and stay in touch with the locals: often the traditional tourism allows you to discover new places, but not its people. By using the TalkTalkBnb service, you will have the chance to spend time with the premises that will allow you to have a more direct, human, and realistic contact with the places you visit.


Have you ever utilized this type of exchange for traveling?

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