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Skytrax, the British company that operates in the field of aviation, has compiled the ranking of carriers that over the past year have been most appreciated by passengers.

Dominate the Asian, only two European and no American airlines are in the top ten.

1. Emirates

The best airline in 2016 the company is Emirates. It was established by the survey conducted by Skytrax, which is based on the judgments of 19.2 million travelers from 104 countries. The survey covered more than 280 airlines, measuring 41 parameters ranging from boarding procedures to comfort of seats to the quality of services offered by the companies. The airline based in Dubai ranked first for the fourth time in 15 years and earns two positions compared to 2015.

2. Qatar Airways

Second place went to the square Qatar Airways, the national airline of Qatar. Although last year the company based in Doha had come first in the ranking, it has been praised for the amenities offered to its passengers and for extending its connections to over 125 destinations worldwide. The company said that in the future will be inaugurated new routes, including those linking the Qatari capital with Los Angeles, Miami, and Dallas.

3. Singapore Airlines

In third place is Singapore Airlines, the national airline of Singapore state with a strong presence in Southeast Asia. The company’s flight attendants are trained to treat customers with care and respect. Moreover, the international airport of Singapore Changi Airport, the company’s hub, is elected for 4 years, the best airport in the world.

4. Cathay Pacific Airways 

Fourth is Cathay Pacific, a Chinese airline based in Hong Kong with the main hub at the International airport of the former British colony. Passengers have rewarded the company for the comfort and entertainment offered during flights.

5. All Nippon Airways 

In fifth place is ANA (All Nippon Airways), a Japanese airline based in Tokyo that since last year gained two positions in the standings. The Japanese company has obtained the best results for cleanliness, service, and safety.

6. Etihad Airways 

Confirmation is the sixth position of Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates with offices in Abu Dhabi. The company has also been awarded the “best first-class.”

7. Turkish Airlines 

Turkish Airlines is the first European company in the ranking. Turkish Airlines based in Istanbul connects more than 100 countries and 200 cities in the world.

8. EVA Air 

Founded just 27 years ago, Eva Air, the Taiwanese private airline of the Evergreen Group which hub on the Taoyuan International Airport, quickly rose to the top of Skytrax.

9. Qantas 

Unlike Eva Air, Qantas, the national airline of the flag of Australia, is one of the oldest in the world because it was founded in 1920. It is placed in ninth place on the list and despite some financial problems in recent years, continued to offer its customers excellent service.

10. Lufthansa 

Closes the top ten German airlines Lufthansa, Europe’s second airline in the ranking. The Teutonic company is the same as Qantas: despite the cuts made for financial problems, it has continued to provide excellent service to customers.

11. Garuda Indonesia 

Loses three positions compared to 2015 Garuda Indonesia, the flag carrier of the East Asian country. The company was praised both for fleet renewal and for the selection of dishes offered to passengers.

12. Hainan Airlines 

Great leap forward for Hainan Airlines, China’s airline, based in Haikou. Established October 18, 1989, China’s largest privately-owned airline last year was ranked twenty-second.

13. Thai Airways 

The thirteenth is Thai Airways, a Thai national airline based in Bangkok, which has significantly improved its services, gaining as many as 6 places since last year.

14. Air France 

The French carrier Air France came in fourteenth place and earned respect in 2015. This year the company has experienced several upheavals due to continuous strikes and financial problems but has developed an impressive range of new services, including “the Premiere”, the first-class private suite.

15. Swiss International Air Lines 

Founded in 2002 by the bankruptcy of the national airline Swissair, the Swiss company Swiss International Air Lines, based in Basel has quickly gained customers for its safety and its comfort. This year is in fifteenth place.

16. Asiana Airlines 

Loses five places in the ranking Asiana Airlines, South Korea’s second-largest airline after Korean Air based in Seoul. However, consoles himself with the awards for best economy class and catering.

17. Air New Zealand 

The seventeenth place for Air New Zealand, the national airline of the country of Oceania based in Aukland. The company serves 27 domestic and 29 international destinations.

18. Virgin Australia 

Eighteenth is Virgin Australia, the second Australian airline that since 2000, the year of its foundation, has exponentially increased its routes in the Asia and Pacific.

19. Austrian Airlines 

Compared to 2015 Austrian Airlines the main Austrian airline, based in Vienna and controlled by Lufthansa, lost six positions.

20. Bangkok Airways

Thai airline, Bangkok Airways, places at the twentieth position in the ranking. The company was also awarded the title of the best regional airline in the world and the best regional airline in Asia.

What about you? Do you share this ranking? Do you have a preferred airline or fly with the most convenient? Are you a frequent flyer?

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