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The Capsule Hotel or Kapuseru Hoteru in Japanese (カ プ セ ル ホ テ ル), is a type of Hotel developed and used in Tokyo to maximize the number of beds, minimizing the space, in fact in place of the spacious hotel rooms we find the capsules.

Although strange and absurd, these capsules are a good investment in Tokyo, many people use these “hotels” and we can find them scattered everywhere from the city center to the railway stations or airports; many commuters use these capsules to catch the connection day after without having to move from the station and spend money for transport, given the high costs of life in Japan, on the other hand, even if the low price have unfavorable points, such as privacy in general.

The Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

it is immune to external noise and vice versa. At first glance, they can give the feeling of huge ovens or large TV sets of the 50s often placed on rows of blocks of two floors, the space reduced to the size of about 2 meters in length by 1 meter in width and 1.5 meters in height, concentrates everything that a person needs to spend the night.

Capsule hotel, Tokyo

These Capsule Hotels offer different services depending on the price, but all have in common the standard factors, such as the bathroom that for obvious reasons is always in common as the changing rooms, the laundromat and the relax room with armchairs and big screen. Another curious thing is that Capsule Hotel has different rules, some have separate rooms for women and men, others at the entrance ask to exchange their clothes with a dressing provided by them, of course for bulky luggage there is a special room monitored with cameras.

Capsule Hotel

Speaking about the interior, we range from the spartan capsule hotel to the super luxury, complete with an integrated internet station to surf, air conditioning, and flat-screen television.

The price for staying in capsule hotels ranges from 2000 to 5000 YEN about 20/50 Euro per night, but if you are interested in an afternoon nap, you will certainly find excellent promotions.

The first Capsule Hotel was invented in 1979 and was designed by Kisho Kurokawa, currently, it seems that this type of hotel is taking place outside of Japan, with examples in Australia, France, Russia, and South Africa.

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